We use ultrasound in the acute stages of injuries to help accelerate healing processes. Ultrasound is only useful when injured tissue is inflamed (hot, swollen and red) which is generally only within the first two-to-three weeks post injury. After this stage ultrasound is not particularly effective and we switch to other modalities as required.

We believe that electrotherapy modalities such as ultrasound, laser, interferential and short-wave diathermy are completely overused in musculoskeletal medicine.

Most of these machines provide a thermal effect to injured tissue which may help the healing process but there is no evidence to suggest that the heat supplied by a machine is any more effective than that derived from a microwave hot pack or hot water bottle!

Why pay someone to apply heat to your injured body parts when you can do it just as effectively yourself? We would much rather spend our time with you teaching you exercises to ensure your underlying movement abnormalities are corrected rather than just merely treating your symptoms.

In a small minority of patients with particularly severe or persistent pain we will loan a TENS machine; TENS is a small portable unit which can clip on to your waist band and it works by helping prevent pain messages from injured tissue from reaching the brain. We always aim to get you back in control of your pain as soon as possible.