Joint Mobilisation / Manipulation

Pain often arises because joints seize up. Stiff joints ache due to a lack of secretion of joint lubricating fluid (synovial fluid) which nourishes the joint cartilage. Stiff joints are also known to develop premature arthritic changes.

Furthermore if you have restricted movement in a given joint your body will automatically compensate for the lack of movement elsewhere leading to secondary injuries. This is the basis of all the dysfunctional movement patterns we end up seeing in our clinics every day.

Gentle joint mobilisation techniques can be applied by our physios to restore normal movement of your stiff, achy joints. In cases where joints are very stiff a manipulation may be required. This is where the joint is carefully positioned by the therapist and gently thrusted to restore full movement. Often the patient will feel or hear a small pop or click as the joint is manipulated.