Self-treatment and Advice

From the initial assessment onwards we aim to equip you with simple practical advice as to how you can best self-manage your condition. By following this advice you will accelerate natural healing processes thus ensuring you get better in the minimum number of treatment sessions possible.

We commonly find that patients who have been “round the houses” often do not even know what is wrong with them or what they should or should not be doing to aid recovery (some of them don’t even have a prescribed exercise programme!).

This is not only crazy (and unethical) it results in delayed recovery or even worse it may prevent recovery. If you have seen or are currently seeing therapists who are dealing with you in this way we urge you to stop wasting your time and money and give us a try instead. You won’t be disappointed!

We typically advise rest, ice compression and elevation in the acute stages of an injury or show you how to self-massage and apply heat to soft tissues and joints in more chronic conditions. We can provide simple ergonomic advice regarding your work station and also teach you how to lift correctly (in more complex cases we can arrange a visit to your work place to assess your workstation / work tasks).

We can also liaise with your occupational health department or line manager to arrange time off work or graded returns to work as appropriate. Your will also be provided with advice about general exercise, warming up and cooling down as soon as you are able to return to sport / exercise.

In conjunction with our Exercise Specialists at the Better Body Group we can check your running style or weight lifting technique in our onsite gym to ensure you are not injuring yourself with inappropriate exercises or poor technique.

Our exercise specialists are also available for fitness testing and goal setting so we are able to plan your exercise programme safely and effectively based on your current level of fitness and what you would like to achieve through exercise. By combining our physiotherapy and exercise science knowledge we believe we have something for everyone, no matter what age or level of fitness.