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Everyone attending an initial assessment with us will undergo a thorough history taking process detailing your current condition, previous treatment and injuries, medical history and how your current condition is impacting your life. Following on from that you will undergo a thorough examination of your posture and movement so we can find out exactly what is causing your pain or contributing to it. From there we will then recommend which treatment modalities will be required to alleviate your symptoms and stimulate healing processes. 

A typical treatment session may incorporate trigger point dry needling, soft tissue releases and joint mobilisation or manipulation (i.e. making things pop or click where required). These treatments will be applied in conjunction with a home exercise programme and advice on self-management so you can rest assured you’ll have all the tools to contribute to your recovery. Please note that all of the above modalities are included as part of the assessment or treatment session fee.

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Will, Greenwich: Overcame running pain.

I am a keen, 48 year old club athlete. I run distances that range from 800m to marathon and have been using Advanced Physiotherapy for approximately 10yrs. I am a huge advocate of the service that Advanced offer and would recommend them above any others that I have used over the years. This is because they apply a methodical and practical approach, founded on an extremely impressive understanding of the body and its workings, that both targets the immediate ‘local’ issue (i.e. the thing that is causing the pain) with a broader focus on any underlying problems that may have caused the injury in the first place. It’s the combination of those two elements (targeting the immediate issue and highlighting any underlying physiological contributors to the problem), combined with an impressive knowledge of historical data and statistics that leads me to implicitly trust their judgement. That is vital when dealing with an injury or a set-back that requires attention.