Virtual Consultations

We Help People Who Don't Want to Live with Pain Move, Feel, and Perform Better, by getting to the root of the problem when everything else has failed, from the comfort of their own home.

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If you need care from home, or simply don't have time for traffic, parking, and waiting rooms, our Virtual Consultations can get you the care you need... wherever you are at.

We understand your aches, pains, and health problems don’t go away even if you’re unable to get out of your home. Online virtual visits for physiotherapy have been proven to be an effective means of managing common aches and pains like back pain or knee problems.

You still receive all the benefits, and improvements,. We use our same skills, just delivered via virtual visits!

How Do Virtual Consultations Work?

Virtual Consultation Physiotherapy is very similar to face-to-face visits. We ask you questions, complete an exam, diagnose your problem, and determine what the best treatment options are for you. Then, we instruct you in self-treatment techniques to get you back to living without aches and pains and doing all the things you want to do. You will also be given a comprehensive Home Rehabilitation Programme to be getting on with between your consultations to ensure as speedy a recovery as possible.

What To Do If I'm Interested In Learning More?
  1. Set up a free, no obligation, online or phone discovery visit. During this call, you’ll get an opportunity to tell us about your problem and find out if we can help you get back to where you want to be.
  1. If you decide that we can help you, and we determine you’re a good fit for virtual visits, we’ll schedule an initial physiotherapy Virtual Consultation.
  2. Our Physiotherapist will meet with you via a secure online link and perform your virtual physiotherapy assessment.
  3. Your therapist will come up with a plan to get you back to doing what you love to do. We will suggest exercises and self-treatment techniques that you can do at home to reach your goals.
  4. You’ll have follow-up support via email between your appointments. If you have any questions, you’ll get them answered and keep you progressing.
  5. If at any point your therapy team feels like you would benefit from a different specialist, we will gladly connect and refer you 🙂

Your journey to being able to move, feel and perform better can start today from the comfort of your home. There’s no need to take time out of your day to get ready and go travel to see a specialist. Virtual consultations give you the ease, and comfort, of getting the care you need from the place you’re most comfortable – your home.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Advanced Physiotherapy...

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Christopher, Herne Hill: Avoided having shoulder surgery

I have been attending Chris Barber’s Advanced Physiotherapy clinic regularly over the last few months for a shoulder and back problem. After an initial face to face consultation before lockdown I have attended via Zoom link. I am a retired GP and have found the outcome of these sessions to be extremely beneficial, not least in having been able to avoid shoulder surgery as a result. In particular, the online sessions have been perfectly adequate for my conditions and have proved a very satisfactory alternative to the usual consultation. I would certainly recommend this method, particularly during lockdown situations, from a patient’s point of view.
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Judy, Twickenham: Overcame shoulder pain

Following a recommendation from my brother I opted for on-line video sessions, during lockdown. These sessions proved very successful. I had been suffering with a painful shoulder and Chris was able to identify the problem and suggest appropriate mobility exercises. Over a period of a few weeks he encouraged me to ‘push the boundaries’ and gave me confidence to take on further strengthening exercises to continue in my own time. I would be very happy to recommend Chris to others.

Chloe, Lewisham: Overcame knee pain and returned to running

I had hurt my knees from suddenly increasing my running at the beginning of lockdown and I wanted to get back to feeling like I could go outside for walks again, socialise outside of the home when it was safe to do so and eventually run again for my overall health. I stayed inside for 3 and a half weeks, hoping that it would get better by itself. I watched lots of videos of stretches I could try but was scared of doing these things in case it would make my injury worse. I felt like an idiot for getting injured in the first place and was worried about being taken for a ride and spending money on someone who didn’t care.

Seeing Chris virtually was a big weight off my mind. I didn’t have to spend my time on the internet trying to work out what I should do. I was given my exercises and just got on with them and saw improvement really quickly. I trusted Chris and it meant I could get on with thinking about and doing other things as I knew that he knew what he was doing. My injury improved to the degree that I could go for walks again and socialise outside which was vital for my happiness. I’ve also started running again which I need to do to keep fit.

Chris was really good at explaining the exercises (even over video as we were doing virtual consultations!) this made me feel confident that I was doing them correctly and that investing my time and money in this way was worth doing. He was always happy to answer questions and to hear how I was getting on. He provided me with extra explanations about why my knees were feeling the way that they felt. This encouraged me to take more of an interest in my body, which will help me not to injure myself again!

I’d advise anyone to put your fears aside and invest your time and energy into working with a professional who is an actual live human being who can talk to you, answer your questions, make suggestions and show you how to get better instead of just googling and being sad!